Increase the reliability and predictability of cloud infrastructure with Managed Service

Cloudenair’s Cloud Managed Services provides administrative and monitoring capabilities over your cloud infrastructure. Our Cloud Operations Center offers a platform to provision, configure, secure, monitor and manage applications and infrastructure for a seamless hybrid cloud experience. The service is factored to make operational costs predictable and improve service resilience.

The demand for flexibility and agility is not only from external stakeholders, but increasingly from the customers as well. With the influx of the 'Millennials' into the main stream, customer expectations are changing fast. The need to stay connected added to the always-on mobile devices mean that employees today are looking for flexible ways to work.

So how can this level of agility be accomplished? For an enterprise to be agile, many components have to become agile as well, and IT is one of them. In addition to the traditional dependencies, IT must also keep pace with business trends, and, to a large extent, drive the business to leverage market opportunities, and overcome threats. In other words, to align to the business, IT has to inject agility and flexibility, either at the architectural level, or within development, deployment, or usage.

How Can we help?

Cloudenair’s solution entailed leveraging hybrid cloud infrastructure to address peak seasonal demand. We helped the client transform their critical applications to an internet scale solution for their customers. Cloudenair also provided the necessary cloud infrastructure, build, support and multi-vendor management services through the Cloud Operations Solutions. The engagement highlights included:

  1. Migration and application re-factoring for a seamless transition from on-premise infrastructures.
  2. Auto-scaling for peak demand management.
  3. Proactive 24*7 monitoring, management and self-healing of infrastructure and applications.
  4. Multi-vendor management.
  5. Disaster Recovery Planning and Engineering.
  6. Cloud Security Management including identity, entitlement and Access Management, data and infrastructure security and Privacy Management


Performance Engineering

Cloud Optimization

Application Management


Server Management

Compliance Management