Transform your products and services by leveraging scale, agility and pay as you go benefits of Cloud computing

To win in the insurance market place, Insurance organizations must build products with a rich feature set that are highly available, scalable and resilient. However, the challenges organizations face include the ability to reduce time to market and development cost and achieve superior serviceability. The Cloud ecosystem offers advantages such as economies of scale, industry proven best practices, readily usable platform components and a utility based business model to address these challenges.

Cloudenair’s Cloud engineering practice offers reliable capabilities to re-factor, re-architect and build new products and services using Cloud native services. Our vast portfolio of solution enablers for device to Cloud, Cloud based media solution, and SaaS enablement frameworks helps customers to build quality products faster.

With over a decade of Cloud engineering experience and strong alliance partnerships, Cloudenair has steered several clients in their Cloud transformation journey.

How can we help?

Our services for insurance industry include:

  1. Deploy cloud migration framework by leveraging tools and standardized automation processes to consolidate IT in cloud.
  2. Integrate services that are able to deal with the heterogeneity of their systems, bring predictability to their cloud migration/consolidation, avoid risk and reduce down time.
  3. Reduce cloud data migration cycle time and bring about improvement in data quality, and reduce development effort to build synchronization