With analytical data breakthroughs, innovation, and regulatory changes, the healthcare industry today is undergoing massive disruption

Whether you are a healthcare provider, payor, or life sciences organization, you must balance the constant tension of providing the latest advancements with the simultaneous pressure to minimize cost. At Cloudenair, we know what it takes to strike that balance. Our healthcare consulting services can provide creative business and technology solutions to your greatest clinical and operational challenges.

We help your healthcare organization smoothly navigate significant cloud transitions, including data center mergers, Data Analysis & application integration. We help your organization adopt enterprise cloud transition to comply with industry regulations and compliance.

How Can We Help?

Healthcare Cloud solutions have offered many worthy benefits to the industry already. And now that enhanced security and safeguards are in place for cloud computing solutions, carriers, and service providers, healthcare organizations can rest easy knowing they’re protected from potential loss of control over certain sensitive patient data. With IT spending on the rise, cloud-based electronic health records (EHRs) is beginning to have an impact on the health industry.

With us as a cloud consulting partner, you can:

  1. Migrate your applications & infrastructure to cloud platform.
  2. Transition to HIPAA Compliant Cloud Platform & Solutions.
  3. Get you cloud infrastructure HITRUST CSF certified
  4. Achieve Private networking through secured high encryption.
  5. Bridge the gap between legacy systems data providers and application modernization

We can help you setup up a private cloud that could be implemented to connect healthcare providers to securely transfer electronic documents and share health information about patients. Such information might include:

  1. Clinical applications (EHRs, physician enquiries, pharmacy orders, etc.).
  2. Non-clinical, healthcare management applications to handle revenue cycle management.
  3. Patient management such as patient billing and claims.