Cloud Adoption in the Financial Services Industry

More and more financial service organizations are adopting the cloud to deliver innovation, customization and security to generate a unique competitive advantage.

Cloud Technology in financial industry has enabled cloud platforms to implement solutions that can be customized for a specific client and sets of financial application requirements. Each financial service company is looking to stand out from the crowd to gain competitive advantage. Thus cloud innovation and customization are often needed from the cloud provider

Despite the competitive advantages for financial services companies to embrace and utilize public cloud, it’s still believed that only a small percentage of the workloads are in the public cloud in this sector. That’s greater than most other verticals, but there is a lot of work to do to before financial services firms reach their value goals.

How can we help?

Disruptions in the finance application development landscape and the impact of cloud technology are compelling banks to shift to innovative cloud solutions, while delivering superior experience with agility. Cloudenair has created robust capabilities through investments in emerging technology products and by leveraging crowdsourcing platforms such as TopCoder, service design innovation through Designit, partnerships with emerging fintech players, and innovation labs across the globe. Our team of SMEs enable finance institutions in shaping the future in payments, digital channels, credit services, digital core, and commercial and corporate banking. By leveraging cloud technology, our cloud services, finance institutions drive higher efficiency in functions such as application, and infrastructure management and testing. We have also created niche IP in areas such as mortgage loan origination, eKYC, data discovery and cyber security.