Increase business value and stay relevant to customers using innovation and disruptive cloud technologies in the communications industry

Cloudenair’s Communications cloud services provides technology that transforms operating models, improves customer experience and keeps client businesses relevant. Our team of 150+ across 2 countries supports over 3 of the world’s leading Communication Service Providers (CSP). We empower the continuous transformation journey of enterprises by providing full stack Cloud services – Edge to Cloud across domains delivered through industrialized solutions.

Cloudenair’s unique 'Business First and Cloud only' approach enables multi Cloud, private and public Clouds, with capability to deliver any application on any device on any Cloud. Cloudenair’s differentiated cloudification starts from Cloud assessment leveraging Cloud bots, Cloud migration through migration studios, pre-built Cloud native application blueprints for development, integration and insights and ongoing operations.

How can we help?

Our services for communication industry include:

  1. Cloud Native strategy - Examine the current data and application environment and develop a robust strategy that results in value realization for our customers.
  2. Cloud Optimization – Optimize the customer Cloud presence to ensure a Cloud efficient environment operationally and financially.
  3. DevOps Tooling – Automate entire application lifecycle.
  4. AI Ops Strategy – Enabling AI/ML based predictive and anomaly detection.
  5. IOT Strategy - Device to Cloud integration and aggregation.
  6. Blockchain Strategy - Data assessment and design patterns for blockchain solutions.