Shift to a cloud-first core. Get ahead. Stay ahead.

It comes down to your ability to execute the transformation strategy you have conceived. Whether you are accelerating your move to cloud services, radically improving the user experience, creating transformative new capabilities and economies through service integration, or exploring innovative ways of working and collaborating, the success of your transformation agenda determines your ability to exploit the opportunities of the digital age. Cloudenair is the one partner that puts it all together so you can boldly accelerate your transformation journey—confidently.

Cloudenair's’s portfolio of Infrastructure services includes a full spectrum of End-User Services, Cloud/Data Services, Service Integration offerings, and Cybersecurity Services—and all services are designed to work in combination with each other, not just separately. Our unique approach to Infrastructure Services connects solutions, services and suppliers to implement integrated solutions across the IT supply chain.

How Can We Help?

Every company wants to keep its customers satisfied and secured, because a great customer experience translates to great business results. It lets customers be more innovative and flexible in how they get their jobs done. It makes them want to stay with the experience longer. It helps attract top business needs. But what’s required to make the customer experience truly amazing? It’s more than you may think.

A fantastic customer experience is about more than letting customer use their  devices and favorite application at work. It’s about the entire experience of how work gets done. It’s about offering customers more choices for when and how they work. It’s about everyone and everything customers interact with. It’s the feeling that the employer truly cares about making the workplace engaging and fun.

And that feeling comes from a mixture of things – a blend of interconnected capabilities, a connected application platform, a connected data, and connected engagement. Cloudenair calls it the Connected Customer Experience. And we can help your customers experience it all:

Modernizing Application

  1. Reduce costs, while improving agility and quality.
  2. Set up a private cloud by automating what you keep on premise.
  3. Increase productivity, scalability, and performance.
  4. Replace applications with SaaS, or with managed ISV applications on the cloud.
  5. Re-factor and re-platform custom applications to run in the cloud.
  6. Improve velocity, reduce time to market, and capture new business opportunities.
  7. Integrate applications in the cloud, or build cloud applications to create new services.
  8. Develop APIs, and deploy new code to production continuously.


Data Center Transformation

Disaster Recovery

Application Modernization

Application Consolidation

Hosted Virtual

Security Audits