We go deep into your application architecture to unlock insight and report the cloud readiness. We bring the right cloud SMEs together to challenge established thinking and drive cloud transformation.



Develop the cloud roadmap

Which problem do you solve first and how do you move to cloud platform? We consult, advice and develop a comprehensive roadmap to move to cloud platform. Our cloud transition plan will give the biggest boost to your bottom line.

Cloud Readiness Assessment
Application Configuration Assessment
Build the Cloud Roadmap


Application Modernization

From a single application to an entire portfolio, We provide the expertise required to modernize applications so enterprises can accelerate time-to-market and reduce development costs.

Application Transformation
Transform Business Capabilities


Innovate Cloud Solutions

We help you create huge opportunities by deploying new cloud solutions which extend beyond application development to encompass application operations and IT infrastructure.

Business Application Efficiency
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Increase business agility. Achieve more, faster, and with less resources. With the following key enablers: the cloud, mobile, social, analytics, the internet of things, and big data, you can transform your business for the future.

Containers & Kubernetes

Cloudenair has extensive experience helping multiple health care as well as financial services organizations migrate from on-prem/installable software to cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud.  Our expertise helps clients with smooth migration without disruption of their existing operations.

Some of the areas that will be improved with our help include:

Cloud Analytics

Cloud Analytics is one of the most important and necessary tools of modern business. It is possible to harness its power to get insights from real-time data so that proper decisions can be made. Business Analytics helps us compare information with averages pertaining to the specific industry, slice and dice all relevant data, and often discover new opportunities that are not apparently available. In addition, cloud platforms makes it possible to make decisions from anywhere through the availability of analytics over SaaS.

Cloud Services

Business is as much about products as it is about relationships. Cloud helps take service to the next level with the help of its customer support software. It helps agents proactively provide solutions with the help of a holistic view of each customer and each case. The dashboards are fast, easy to use, and robust. Combine this with state-of-the-art self-service platforms, customer 360-degree view, advanced digital service options, quick and easy customer-friendly view, and fantastic field service ability to create the perfect solution for your customers.

Cloud Integration

One of the most important requirements of any successful business is the availability of a holistic view. This complete picture can be obtained by integrating the different systems irrespective of whether they are in the cloud or on premises. Cloud platform provides integration of existing systems, introduces flexibility, and as a result, improves the current business and helps discover new business insights. Once you have all information at your fingertips using one platform, success is bound to follow.

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